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More DeHackED crap

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Ok, I have written to the Legacy team and they seem to not want to discuss this issue since they have not written me back. Anyhow... :/

Here's the new deal. I am trying to set the rocket launcher to come with 6 missiles when you pick it up, but for some reason when you pick up the launcher, it only gives you 2 missiles no matter what!!! Currently the Max Ammo is set to 50, and the Ammo per item is set to 1. This is default for the game. But when I play it, it only gives me 2 missiles, with or without loading the deh file I have saved. So I go in I alter the Max Ammo to 100, and the Ammo per item to 50 then load up the deh file. Same old shit, I only get 2 missiles when I pick up the launcher. What is going on here?!?!? I have and own the DOOM2.wad, but I can not seem to update it, maybe that is the problem, can someone get in touch with me and send me a fully updated doom2.wad!??! I know this is usually considered warez talk, but I assure you, I have supported ID Soft at my local Wal-Mart. :)

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I don't believe its possible to change weapon pick-up ammo, as that is determined in a totally different part of the code than the one that DeHackEd alters. I plan to support total pick-up item customization in Eternity once TTD is in place, but there's not much hope for that in DeHackEd.

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This worked in Zdoom - I don't have Legacy installed ATM.

It is possible to set this by changing the ammo per item value for the rockets. This will change all items that supply rockets however. Changing them individually is not possible.

The following worked.

Ammo 3 (Rockets)
Per ammo = 3

Using the above in a dehacked patched gave the following results:

Picking up a rocket supplies 3 rockets
Picking up a box supplies 15 rockets
Picking up a launcher supplies 6 rockets

I guess just changing the single rocket graphic to look like 3 rockets would cover that descrepancy, and just keeping an eye on how many boxes etc you put in the map might cover what you need.

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