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new internet doom player

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hey could i have some recommendations on
my system:
thinkpad 256 megs ram intel integrated graphics T23 PIII
Windows 98se
1. What internet source port should i use to
get the best performance with new wads/ gameplay for
all dooms besides 3 and Heretic too?
I forgot the next question.

p.s. I did not register to just make one post.

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Your system specs are decent enough for playing online. Your internet connection is what really matters though...

I suggest trying both of these:

Skulltag - http://www.skulltag.com/
More advanced, based off a later version of ZDoom, with lots of new gameplay modes.

ZDaemon - http://www.zdaemon.org/
More popular, based off an older version of ZDoom, has more of a classic feel.

I hope my descriptions don't sway towards one or the other as that's not my intention, but be sure to thoroughly try each of them.

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Thanks for your answers. I have a high speed connection, I wanted to make sure that I didn't get a program that only supported accelerated graphics cards, plus you guys know!!

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