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Problem with the nodes Exporting

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I have tried to get my maps to export but i keep getting an error message.

"The nodebuilder didnot build the required structures. Please check map for errors or select a different nodebuilder.

I have tryed different nodebuilders with no luck. My map has no errors. 80 plus sectors. I does the same for all my maps.

I dont know what to do about it? I have reinstalled it too and that didnt fix anything.

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I get the same error messege. My map has no errors in the sense that the "Find Map Errors" feature yields no issues. I have tried each of the nodebuilders to no avail. I think I have assigned the proper textures and flags everywhere they are needed, but since I am new with the software I'm assuming that something has been overlooked or that there are sector properties that are conflicting.

Forgive me if this is a common problem that is addressed somewhere else on the site. The solutions offered in the guide haven't worked however, and any suggestions would be appreciated.

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Heya... I GET THE SAME PROBLEM!!!...i just started on doom builder today and i ahve no experience on map building full stop so i'm confused with lots of stuff (though the pdf guide is awsome). When i go to export my wad files it comes up with the same node error...i assumed it was cos i had mistakes but it does it with the demo map too. .... also this is unrelated to the node error but for some reason i can't do the remore door thingy in the demo it won;t work when i test it (even though i followed the guide and even tried the demo map file and it has the same problem)....has anyone else had this problem....sorry i don't wanna seem like a noobie but well...i jsut am.

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Use a different nodesbuilder.
If it's for zdoom, you may want to get a more recent version of ZDbsp off of zdoom's main website.

However, bsp and zennode should do fine. It may also lie in the parameters used too. Check those.

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I have had luck by saving the map without building the nodes, and then compiling the .wad file independently of Doom Builder, using BSP 5.1.

The program can be found here: http://doombsp.sourceforge.net/

If your operating system doesn't have MS-Dos mode to run BSP with, download Dos Box from here: http://dosbox.sourceforge.net/news.php?show_news=1

Just read the information provided in the help files and on the website, and you should be able to figure out how to use it. It's pretty simple and runs dos programs real well.

Put the uncompiled map you're having trouble with into the same folder as the bsp executable files. (Note: Do not let the name of the folder contain a space, nor any of its parent directories. For example, c:\documents and settings\bsp, since it contains a space, won't work in Dos Box because it'll look for just the directory c:\documents and complain at you.... just something stupid Dos Box does, I think).

Once you mount the drive BSP is in, just type <bsp savedmap.wad newmapname.wad> (of course, replacing "savedmap" with the name of your file and "newmapname" with what you want to name the error-free, compiled file as), or if you are using regular Dos, just change the directory with the 'cd' command followed by <bsp savedmap.wad newmapname.wad>.

If it says "saved wad as whatever.wad" then it probably worked. Hope this helps someone! :)

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