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File Access Denied Problem

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I have a problem with (the latest version?) XWE. Each time I attempt to exit XWE either through File -- Exit or by closing the main window an error message appears which states:

"eXtendable Wad Editor

File access denied."

I never had this problem before until I reformated my hard-drive and re-installed XWE. Futhermore, none of my other programs, Doom-related or otherwise have this problem.

I am using Windows 98; I receive this error regardless if I open a wad-file or not.

Thanks for your time.

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I read the thread as you directed. The error message you posted is the same error message that I received and I did as "The Dark Archon" instructed. However, the problem persists. Here is a more detailed explanation:

XWE is located at C:\WINDOWS\Desktop\Doom\Tools\XWE -- I go to View, Options, General; the Temporary Folder states: c:\windows\temp (this seems to be default and I have never changed this).

The "TEMP" folder is not checked with 'Read-Only', 'Archive' or 'Hidden,' nor are any of the files within the folder. Perhaps I misunderstood the entries made in the thread?

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I just checked my XWE and that folder was back to C:\, so I changed it back to something else, closed XWE, opened it, and it was C:\ again. But I'm not getting errors like before. Back when I changed the folder and fixed the issue following TheDarkArchon's advice I also deleted a bunch of temp files off C:\. Perhaps some of those were corrupt, and eliminating them got rid of the issue. So you could try deleting any XWE temp files off the Temp folder. I don't recall exactly how XWE named its temp files, but they were easy to identify.

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