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Drawings on paper

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Praying Mantis, slightly altered:

Bio Mech Bug 1:

Bio Mech Bug 2:

Bio Mech Bug 3:

Drooling Acid Spitting Bug:

Bug Exterminator:

A creature I saw in the forest yesterday:

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I'm going to go out on a limb here and say you like bugs. ;)

Your images are kind of on the blurry side, are they done in watercolor or did you tinker with them in an art program? The perspective and insect anatomy is pretty good, but the detail could be better. Your 'bug exterminator' human doesn't compare very well with the insects in terms of quality.

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They're done with pencils and colour pencils. The blur comes from my cheap webcamera... I've tried to make them as sharp as I can, by drawing stronger lines in the pictures, using some special filtering with computer. The human was just a 5 minute speed job... The Grasshopper and Praying Mantis were drawn from someone else's pictures(grasshopper was from a drawing, praying mantis was from a photo).

Here comes a creature from the ancient world:

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pretty nice lookin stuff. you should think about investing in a scanner or a cheap all in one printer if your tight on space.

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