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That's it, I'm getting a Revolution

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It probably won't be anywhere near Mario Paint, but I'm sure as hell going to buy it.

Then I can paint happy trees with the best of them.

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In our world, the trees are all friends, all smiling up at the sky. Our happy mountains with their white hats say the same.

Those were some good years, although I always thought that he was being forced to be so mellow through a microchip planted in his afro by the government.

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heh, I saw this comedian once doing bob ross tweaking out while doina painting. he did the whole shtick about the happy trees living here and the old fence, but then he started to add too much green to the forest and it began to resemble a jungle. he goes in to this whole 'nam flashback thing, using "asian yellow" to paint a "lil commie vc bastard" hiding in a bush and "napalm red" to flush him out. ROFL

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