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Doom II Screen Saver

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I just bought the Doom II Screen Saver on ebay and I can't get it to run on XP. It is really weird, it installed just fine, but when I double click the exe, it doesn't do anything. The file it made in the windows folder says it is a screensaver file but it does not show up in my display properties. Does anybody else have the screensaver and got it to work on XP?

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I have that screen saver. I bought it years ago from a bargain bin. I haven't tried to get it running under XP, but believe me, if you don't get it running, you're not missing much. You'd be better off with something like DesktopDoom.

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I tried to download it here: http://www.doomworld.com/deskdoom/ but the link is broken. Is there another place to get it?

edit: I found version 1.01, which I think I would like better than 2. But, I'm having trouble installing this one now. The install file asks for your doom directory and your windows system directory. I am pretty sure windows/system, windows/syustem32, or just /windows/ should be the right folder for XP, and for my doom directory, I tried my regular doom 2, zdoom, and prboom, but none of those work! I unzipped everything into all of those but it still gives me an error. Has anyone gotten this one to work on XP?

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