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Ambiant sounds?!?

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Well anyways... I'm Going though the editor trying to get though another level, or at leastmake one that I wont bail out of. Well anyways: I saw this drop down menu called "Sounds" and looking though theres like ambiant sounds 1 though what ever..

Well what are these for? ( Using Doom builder: Newest version. )

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They are for...ambient sounds. You can define up to 64 IIRC into the sndinfo lump and then place the ambient sounds sopts in db as you see fit.

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You can define more than 64. The first 64 will automatically have edit numbers allocated to them (14001-14064 I think) but thing # 14065 can have its first argument set to that of a sound number defined in SNDINFO to take the numbers higher than that. I'm guessing the limit is 255.

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