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Forever Waiting

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Brian Goodsell has written in about some updates to his Foreverhood project, though you won't find them on his official site because of technical difficulties. Rather, you'll find details on its Mod DB page, as well as a revised version of the story on a MySpace blog. skadoomer won't be "clogging myspaces server with [his] crap", because there's more than enough crap on MySpace already.

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The new shots at ModDb are top quality! I can't wait for Fhood to come out. Great work Brian. :)

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Just wait till you see this thing in action, he brings such a fresh and unique feel to the old DOOM engine (I got to play an older BETA when writing a few songs for it). Really amazing work, can't wait till it's released!

The new screenshots look even more amazing than what I played too. Totally sweet.

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sargebaldy said:

Looks excellent as always, this is the only project I'm really looking forward to at this point.

I couldn't have said it any better myself.

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