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Naked Snake

First Person Shooter Lounge Vol.11

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DOOM:Man I am so cool.I am in Quake 3 and you dont even have a tournement style game.

Duke:I am coming out with Duke Nukem Forever!

DOOM:But its graphics will not be as advanced as DOOM 3.

Caleb:You should use Lithtech.

DOOM:Caleb.I wouldnt use Lithtech if they sent a truckload of cash to my house.Hell,I wouldnt use Lithtech with you pixels and Duke pushing.Heh!

Caleb:Im gonna have a drink now.
*Caleb picks up a BUD-LIGHT,starts slamming it*

DOOM:Hmm,how do you think Caleb is gonna die today?

Duke:I think hes gonna get set on fire.

DOOM:Wrong!Bigbadgangsta told me how and I cant tell you!

Caleb:*Slurred speech*Duh,heh,Im sooooooo happy.*Caleb staggers out into the hall.Suddenly a swarm of bees flys and stings Caleb.Caleb is allergic to bees.He die*

DOOM:How does bigbadgangsta come up with that stuff.

Duke:He smokes alot of ciggarettes and slugs Jack Daniels like its Kool-Aid(tm).

DOOM:Kool-Aid(tm) Kicks grand ass.

Duke:Doesnt it though!

Kyle:I love Kool-Aid(tm)!

DOOM:Why is there a (tm) at the end of Kool-Aid(tm)?

Duke:I dont know(tm)(r)(c)(inc).

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