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Creating sector between two existing sectors

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In other words I want to create a window inbetween two adjacent sectors. But I am new to Doombuilder and haven't figured out how to make a sector joining two sectors that already exist.

I can not right click the existing vertices on the linedefs because it brings up the linedef properties instead of doing what I want it to do and create the lindef to be part of the window sector. I see no way of doing this under the vertice option.

With the sector option I can create the linedefs but can't figure out how to make it a sector.

Hope I explained that ok

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I use the Insert key to draw sectors (usually in line mode).

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That's sort of worked, but now I have another problem. Rather than being a normal two sided lindef, it's almost as if there are 2 linedefs there (the old impassable one doesn't go away).

Basically (in linedef mode) I pressed insert, then left mousebutton 4 times where I wanted the vertices of the window to be.

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I do that sometimes. It's an old habit from the DCK days. Try finishing the sector on the same vertex as you started (left click 5 times I believe).

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Hi, it's me again...

Thanks for that, got the window problem fixed.

Have another question: I have made a really long staircase and have aligned the textures on one side of the staircase and was wondering if there's a really quick way to perhaps apply them to the other side of the staircase.

I tried to copy and paste the linedef thinking it would maybe just copy of the textures and the alignment numbers but it didn't happen.

Just trying to save time :D

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