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joe 17

fork for doom

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I'm certainly not jumping for joy over this one. Here's why...

  • There is a blue-ish aura around the fork, as well as a few rogue blue patches in places that they shouldn't be.
  • It's just a single frame that's shifted around a bit.
  • No sound replacements.
  • Would have been better as a Fist replacement.
  • The fork itself doesn't look very good, blue aura notwithstanding.
I will, however, give you credit for learning how to use your wad editing tools. About half the noobs I know keep asking me personally for tutorials for XWE and never figure out that there's a good help file in the program.

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I took a look at the second version (haven't tried the first).
I really like the idea.
Just a few comments to improve it:
- Give it sounds.
- When you disable the status bar (i tried it in GZdoom), there is space between the fork and the bottom of the screen, when you move it. That has to be fixed.
- Please do not use spaces in file names. It causes problems, for example, when using the command line.


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funduke said:

It's much better now! :)

Is there some hope for sound?
Some *klink* *klink*, when you hit a wall would be cool! :)


Given his skill level, I'd say that's not really possible - you'd need at least a decent degree of Decorate or DDF experience to pull that off.

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