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Frederick the Great

decals & portals

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I've heard about Decals from a little birdie - is that the option to paint textures and things over walls in doom Like in Duke3D?

How do I do it? Remember I'm a novice; tell me in that step by step way which allows me to get it all done in a fraction of the time!

Now for Portals:

What are the limitations of portals? Has anyone experimented with portals and learned anything about the bugs that occur with them?

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decals are usually engine based, like for example a lot of modern source ports like zdoom add blood decals to walls if a monster is shot at an angle where the bullet would splatter blood on the walls behind or near them. I dunno if people add decals when actually mapping, I only map a bit though so I may be wrong. Havent kept up with some stuff :P

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Decals can be added when mapping, but it is a rarely used feature. If someone wants a custom graphic on a wall, they usually make a texture to suit rather than use a decal.

Decals can't appear on the floor (in Zdoom at least) so they can't be used to make a trail of footprints or similar for you to follow. Unless you are following some footprints on the wall of course. ;)

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