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How to port old Dehacked EXE to a patch?

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I recently downloaded a old mod that uses a dehacked EXE instead of a dehacked patch. What would be the easiest way to turn it into a patch so I can play it on newer source ports?

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Load it into dehacked.exe and then save as a text patch.

Whether this works will depend on which version it was for. I'm not sure about how you'd convert very old format deh patches.

If you specify which file it is, then I might be able to give more precise help.

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Hmm, funduke uploaded all the old DeHackEd versions he could find, so unless newer versions of DeHackEd can properly read old patches, load the patch to the proper old DHE version and check out what has been changed. Then you can recreate the patch with all the info.

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myk said:

Hmm, funduke uploaded all the old DeHackEd versions he could find,...


Make also sure, that you use intact original doom.exe of the same version as your hacked is as a reference.
Killoughs downgrade patch from ultimate to 1.1 is here:

And here my doom2 1.9 to 1.666 downgrade patch.
Upgrade from there to your needed version.


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Thank you! Unfortunately I got my copies of the game from the collectors edition that was recently released (Doom, doom2, final doom), which if I remember correctly only had the Doom95 exe.

I'll figure something out. Thanks guys!

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You can get the Doom (v1.9) executable from the shareware package. With that (and your IWAD from The Ultimate DOOM) you can up/downgrade to different versions, as there are patches to got from "ultimate" to v1.1, and then to v1.2, and then v1.666.

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