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Sound Issues

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For many months, maybe a couple years, I've been having problems with sound on my computer - it sounded all echoey, and I assumed it was to do with the sound card. Then tonight I found out that there was this thing called 'Sound Effects' in the control panel. Simple, huh?
So sound is fixed on my comp. But it is not fixed for Doom 2.
Here is a zipped file of the following:
- The sound that I get when I play doom 2
- The sound that I get when I play the file from the Doomworld Music section (online, with RealPlayer)
These two, and the music I get on my other computer, are three completely different things.
I can't seem to play downloaded .mid files at all on my computer.
The funny thing is, the other sounds in Doom2 (eg pistol shooting etc) work fine.
Please tell me, is this a problem with my sound card, my headphones, my sound settings, my doom 2 settings, what?

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What's are your sound card, operating system and Doom engine?

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