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Little Faith

Minor Zdoom/Gzdoom problem (which might be a Win XP problem after all)

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Ok, since I shifted to Windows XP I now experience a minor discomfort when playing Zdoom and Gzdoom.

When I use the right shift button to run I will only run as long as I press one button. If I try to turn left or right the "running" will somehow "wear off" and I have to release the run button again. So I have to mash the button constantly when I turn while running.

Weirdly enough this only affect the right shift button, the left functions normally. I have also experienced that Zdoom spontaneously minimizes while I am playing.

Is this because WinXP uses the right shift button for something special or is it something specific to Zdoom?

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I knew it was something like that.

EDIT: Doesn't appear to solve the problem. Is there some way to completely turn off the handicap features.

XP deliberately offers no option to do such a thing, but maybe there is some kind of third party hack somewhere.

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This might (not sure, haven't tested) be what you're looking for:

But if you've turned off all the crapvery useful functions that you happen not to require in Accessibility Options, then I'm surprised you're still getting this problem, assuming this is indeed the course. Have you tried rebooting after turning this stuff off?

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I've had a similar problem with letter keys in the top left corner, but they only happen in 99x (nothing else has changed). Randy and Graf think it's a keyboard problem, which it certainly isn't as I've had this keyboard for a while now and have no problems outside of 99x.

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