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tnt/plutonia/icarus full runs

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There only seems to be runs for individual maps... does anyone know of any runs though the entire wads? Might help me out in figuring out how to complete them without cheats...

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Episode and full-game runs for both Final Doom wads can be found at compet-n.

http://www.doom2.net/~compet-n/database/cn.cgi - click on "movies" for the wad you're interested in.

There are no episode or full-game runs for Icarus. But there are lots and lots of demos, including full sets of UV Max (both regular and TAS) and UV -fast demos, together with a bunch of NMs, Speeds and Pacifists (et al.) in a thread in this forum. Between them, they give a pretty good idea of how to handle these maps,

If you can't find demos of a particular listed at compet-n or DSDA, then there probably aren't any (unless they are very recent, in which case you'll probably find them right here, or in compet-n's incoming folder - see this thread).

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KennyJC said:

Man I just watched a UV-Max demo of Doom2. Gotta love insomnia.

You wouldn't love it if you needed 9 sleeping pills, including 3 rohypnol (1 is enough to put most people to sleep for 24 hours, but needing a high dose of everything is something about my metabolism) just to sleep of a *daytime*. I'm suprised the police haven't had reports of shots fired when I'm blasting away demons and the like... my favourite weapon is the super shottie, I'm a poor aim...

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I haven't gone to bed. It's 3pm at work and I'm shattered! Stupid watching Doom demos and Trying to make a room in my wad that just doesn't look like it does in my mind!

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Is there ANYTHING out there that can play the UV-Max run of plutonia? I've tried boom, legacey and Doom95 and they all go out of synch at various times.

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Those ports don't have demo compatibility with Doom2.exe or Final Doom. That's why you're getting desyncs.


Personally, I use prboom-plus. Eternity, Chocolate Doom and the regular Prboom will also work.

Note that for Final Doom demos, you need to check how it was recorded. If Plutonia.wad (or TNT.wad) was used as the iwad, then you'll need to use it as the iwad for playback (or put -complevel 4 in the command line in Prboom-plus). If it was used as a pwad, then you'll need to use it as the pwad for playback (or put -complevel 2 in the command line in Prboom-plus).

In 30plmax.txt, Vince states that he used "-file plutonia.wad" (i.e. as a pwad), so you need to use -complevel 2. Thus:

prboom -iwad doom2.wad -file plutonia.wad -playdemo 30plmax


prboom -iwad plutonia.wad -playdemo 30plmax -complevel 2

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