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Nightmare Doom

300-year ledger, bound in human skin, found in Leeds road.

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Police plea on macabre book find


Police are trying to locate the owner of a 300-year-old ledger, bound in human skin, found in a Leeds road.
Written mainly in French, its macabre covering was said to be a regular sight during the French Revolution.

In the 18th and 19th Centuries it was common to bind accounts of murder trials in the killer's skin - known as anthropodermic bibliopegy.

The book was discovered in The Headrow and may have been discarded after a burglary, detectives said.

They said the book may have been stolen in West or North Yorkshire. They are appealing to anyone who may have information, or who may have owned the ledger, to contact them.

Many older libraries have examples of anthropodermic bibliopegy in their collection.

West Yorkshire Police Site Link

Friday, April 7, 2006
West Yorkshire Police are appealing for the owners of an historical item which was found on the Headrow in Leeds tocome forward.

It is believed that the item may belong to someone in the West Yorkshire or North Yorkshire area, and may possibly have been taken during a burglary.

The item is a ledger and dates back to the 1700s. It is written in mainly French and is believed to be covered in what is thought to be human skin. (click on the image above to enlarge).

Police are now appealing to anyone who may be able to help identify the owners of the item to contact DS Tony Lewis on 01924 821585.

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Related thread from Lovecraft forum

Apparently medical students often resorted to human leather pulled from cadavres to cover their medical books, for lack of money for anything else. Apparently it wasn't considered all that gruesome to do back in the day; all that skin was going to go to waste anyway.

Bonus points: These books were found on Providence, Rhode Island, where Lovecraft lived most of his life.

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Captain Red said:

I hope they remembered to say "Clatto Verata Nicto" befor they picked it up.

Don't you mean "clatto verata nickel"? Or maybe it was nectar.. or neptune..

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Hmmm....It could be a possiblity that the book could contain supernatural secretes despite the mainstream media & the scientific propaganda machine headed by the Ruling Class that is bent on covering up any supernatural activies from the masses.

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Upholstered with the foreskins of 200 Frenchmen. Interesting that they won't detail the content of the book. Could be anything from a medical journal to some fucked up black magic book En France'.

Reminds me of those Japanese people that are paid money to receive full body tattoos. After they die, they're skin is removed and the work of art is put on display. Quite morbid.

If the book possesses any true power, it's safe to say none of it would be mentioned.

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