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peach freak

Lower texture question

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When I got bored, I decided to check out Map 31: Cyberden in Plutonia. But I noticed something that has me confused. Each Cyberdemon is on a sector, with another sector surrounding them. The sector surrounding each one has the floor raised to 1 below the ceiling height.

Since the floor has been raised, a lower texture is normally required, but there is no lower texture. Usually it gets blurry and see parts of the previous screen, but how come you can still see the Cyberdemon, even if the floor in front of him is raised? Wouldn't the floor need a lower texture? Is this like a certain type of rule in Doom?

I hope you understand what I mean. Check Doom Builder if you're not sure.


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If I remember correctly, it's a trick that you can do in the Doom engine. And if I also remember right, the linedef sector references need to be a bit different from normal as well (both sides of some need to reference the surrounding sector?). I did it in Kill once to create an invisible bridge.

Since the Cyberdemon can't see you as far as the engine is concerned (there's a wall there, just invisible due to the missing textures/sector references), it doesn't get awakened. I haven't played the map in forever, but I bet the 1 unit gap is so that sound still gets through.

...anyone want to confirm this info? It's been a while since I used a trick like that.

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HOM is never drawn on lower or upper textures, afaik. The only thing you will see is bleeding from the actual flat textures, and this is only when you can see the top of the sector (in this case, you cannot ever see it because the sector is 1 below the ceiling). Because the bleeding will occur when the player can look overtop of such a sector, the trick has limited uses.

This is one way of making invisible, yet impenetrable (sp?) walls. The other way is completely flawless but requires broken sector tricks.

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