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a couple more deep questions

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1. u can only use one sky texture.....how do u use a diff one..im getting tired of using the same sky

2. why exactly are there sky textures for the walls.....

3. say i want to have so like beams in the cieling....u know like support type beams....it stretches to four ways across the ceiling with a round shape in the middle...but i want to have a hole in the middle...if ur not understanding what i mean i can send u a example.

oh and um one suggestion....for like newbie editor people....could u like along with the texture and flat browsers show theyre sizes for example: marble 128x128
cuz it would make texture alligning and everything easyer

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For stock DOOM, the Sky used is are tied to the name of the level. For ZDOOM, edit the MAPINFO lump from a level like NJZD2001 http://www.btinternet.com/~Enjay001/ and you'll see.

The Sky textures happen to be defined as Textures. You can use them as textures if you like:)

Make the ceiling a "F_SKY1" Flat to see a "sky". Look at the standard DOOM2 levels to see, for example MAP01.

FLATS are always 64x64. Browser texture sizes are shown on the upper bar as you click on each texture (or move the highlighted yellow rectangle). In the regular list dialog the size is constantly shown.

However, showing the sizes doesn't make texture aligning easier, unless you want to do this all by hand. In Linedef mode, select the linedefs in sequence and then use the X command or top Menu, Misc - Align Textures X.

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u still didnt answer my quest. about the beams. if u want ill make a example and u can show me how to do it

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Beams should be fairly easy for you. Just draw the sector (s) that will become the beam(s) and give it/them a ceiling height of something less than the area they are in, say 16 less. Then make sure they are not impassable and that you put the texture you want on the sides (upper) texture. Wood or what ever you like. Give the ceiling/beams sectors a different but complementary texture for them to stand out somewhat. The sky texure won't look good if you have it elswhere in the room you are making.

You can also reverse it and make the room have a regular ceiling and open up the beams to the sky if you like. But if you do this you will want the ceiling height to be taller than the room.

Your sectors can be any shape and you can draw in a hole if you want one. In order to look realistic they should be supported by a wall or columns, or they will look like they are just floating in the air which is very strange.

Deep Sea shows all the texture sizes when you select them. Some of the ref. manuals you can get on line also have them.

As far as alignment, with deep sea all you do is select the lines you want aligned and press "X", it is done that fast. or you can select the x-y alignment from the Misc. menu in Deep Sea. These are some of the new features that the deep team have added to Deep Sea. (Thanks, Jack) They make me wonder how I ever got along with out them.

I can send you, or anyone, a room out of one of the levels that I am working on, for doom 2, that uses both beams and sky lights if you would like to see one of the many ways to do it. Email me privately if you would like to see it.

It is in a room that uses a double crusher in the shape of the swiss medical symbol, sort of a fat cross, to crush a Cyber Demon as you run thru the room. It uses walking triggers for the crushers.

Another place to see beams is in almost all of the excellent levels from Team TNT, teamtnt.com, in the Eternal series. In my book, they are made in the kind of quality that I want to try to emulate in my wads. Not that there aren't other high quality wads out there, this is just one example.

Good luck,

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... about the beams...

Make a Room of about 512x512 with a ceiling of F_SKY1. Now press F9 and select the Rectangle Tool Prefab. Select a Light Box type and make it 256x24 or so.

This will be both a beam and a pedestal. Lower the floor of the light box to match the surrounding sector and now you have just a beam floating in the air.

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