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Remilia Scarlet

The Incredible Machine (flash video)

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Anyone remembr the computer games called "The Incredible Machine"? The sequel, "The Even More Incredible Machine," was one of the first PC games I played, and is still a favorite. Well, this is the first time I ever saw a real-life version of them.

The individual shorts in this video were on TV every thursday in Japan.

And...the link: http://www.collegehumor.com/movies/1682247/

EDIT: The announcer is saying pitagora souichi (Pathagorean Switch), which is the name of the show.

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Very cool. Machines and contraptions like these are known as Rube Goldberg Machines, so named after a man who would draw fanciful, complex devices to do a very simple task in a convoluted way. Different countries have different names for it, and as Haruko pointed out, they are known as Pathagorean Switches in Japan.

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