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What's the best "vanilla doom 1/2" custom wad?

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There are tons of good ones. You can start with the Ten years of wads special. They're all Doom/Doom2 wads, except some in the later years.

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Suspended in Dusk does some pretty amazing stuff, although there are some "awkward" parts that seem like they could have used a bit of refurnishing. Also, Congestion 1024 is quite impressive for Vanilla Doom.

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Congestation 1024 is for vanilla? Choco-doom crashes when i try to run it.

TVR!.wad (aka "Revolution!") is a good one, i think it's for vanilla, not sure though.

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Congestion isn't vanilla, it's barely even Boom.

TVR! (Revolution) IS vanilla, and very nice one at that.
Eternal Doom
Vile Flesh
The list goes on, like myk said, check out the best of list in 10 years of Doom. You can't go wrong there.

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kristus said:

Vile Flesh

Very nice wad, but not vanilla. VPOs and it needs some Boom features (not specials, but floor motion and linedef trigger stuff, IIRC).

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