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Modified Doom Builder Version (for SRB2)

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Hello, firstly. I've recently been working on a modification of Doom Builder -- for which I thank CodeImp muchly -- with a view to making it more suitable for use with SRB2 (srb2.org). Although many of the new features I've implemented are particular to that mod, there are others which may be more generally useful (e.g. the ability to draw sectors in 3D mode), particularly if you're designing maps for Legacy.

For the curious, an alpha build can be found at http://homepages.inf.ed.ac.uk/s0569864/. I'll make the source available should anyone request it.

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Couldn't resist trying it out; Sector drawing in 3D mode caught my attention there :) Very interesting, but when I drew my sector and finished it by ending where I started, it gave me "Invalid procedure call" error. I don't have more time to try it out right now, but your modifications are interesting. Keep it up ;)

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Heh, I was lurking around the SRB2 forums and picked this up last week. The item painting feature has been useful in ring placement (Though I'd hate to see what B.D.R.P would do if he saw that feature. Nuts 4, anyone? :P)

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