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Number of arguments

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More and more specials require 6 arguments, but no matter what I do, all I get is entries for only 5 arguments.
Just as an example of what I would like to do:

I entered these six argument categories in the GZDoom.cfg file

title = "9814 Random Flicker Light Additive";
arg1 = "Red";
arg2 = "Green";
arg3 = "Blue";
arg4 = "Intensity 1";
arg5 = "Intensity 2";
angle = "Flicker interval";

and only the first 5 are shown in DB, the arg for Flicker Interval is omitted.

Anybody know how to rectify this?

Edited to remove link to the illustration.

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Not sure if I understand exactly, but isn't the sixth argument's value whatever you put as an angle for the thing? Just like with poly objects, for poly one, you set the angle to 1 and so on. Correct me if I'm wrong.

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