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slowing down and tool assisted q'd

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Is there any way to slow down the playback of a demo? Also, how are the speed demos "tool assisted"? I thought that straferunning etc was built into the doom engine...

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Slowing down playback: In MBF and engines based on it or with its features (Prboom, Eternity, WinMBF), you can change the game speed, but the program must be restarted for this to take effect. In Prboom-plus, you can vary the gamespeed in-game (giving you slow motion and fast forward, in addition to pause, and jump to next level/stats screen). See the documentation.

Yes, straferunning is a part of normal play and is used extensively in most demos.

The main TAS features are to use slow motion and to use saves (or some equivalent way to record in sections). These would be severe cheats if used in a demo that was claimed to have been recorded normally (normal demos must be recorded with 100% gamespeed and in a single segment). Any demo that uses these features must be very clearly labelled as a TAS demo.

Just to clarify: "speedrun" does not in any way imply TAS - it is just used as an alternative word for "demo", given that when people record, they are generally trying to achieve the task (whatever it is) in the shortest time they can.

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Nice comic exp(x). ;-)

Other TAS techniques include, but are not limited to: using IDBEHOLDL (or light amplification WADs) to see perfectly in dimly lit areas, using IDDT to see where monsters are, if all monsters have teleported out of an area, if there are any monsters alive, etc., using a monsters alive counter or secret counter, and using saves to abuse the rng sequence -- achieving such oddities as 2 rocket Arachnotron kills, etc.

You can also build each individual game tic to "perfection" (but this is known as built demos, not TAS).

Sometimes, a combination of building and TAS is used.

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