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Looking for an audio program

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I'm looking for a program that can capture the audio output on a computer and stream that audio to another computer on a LAN.

Basically, I want to control a computer remotely over a LAN, but I also want the CD quality audio output remotely. VNC can't stream audio AFAIK, and I can't use Remote Desktop because the serving computer has to run Win98. Symantec's program seems useless for this.

Really, I'm open to any solution that allows me to clearly listen to audio output on a computer that's several rooms away. I'd rather not run a speaker wire, so a LAN solution would be ideal.

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I think vlc can stream, but I don't know if you would be able to stream the sound output from the computer.

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I found the program I was looking for:

Vypress Tonecast

One think seriously wrong with this program, though, is that it cuts out when the volume is somewhat quiet (apparently to save bandwidth). It doesn't wait for a period of silence, it just cuts out low volume levels altogether. And there's no setting in the program to change that. Stupid.

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