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This is a topic I created for both those who have and do not have a talent for sprite making.
- You can post sprites for use by other people in their own wads
- Request a specific sprite
-give suggestions on how what programs work best, what colors look good, and how to make sprites that match the doom style.

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I'm looking for a set of enemy sprites designed after chess pieces, preferably high-res (about the size of the Cyberdemon), 3D-rendered. I only need one frame (with eight angles) per piece - this includes the Pawn, Bishop, Rook, Knight, Queen, and King.

This is for a short project that I intend to finish.

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Any style will do, really, but I only put that because I would prefer that it wasn't cel-shaded or something silly like that.

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kristus said:

In case anyone thought you wanted to do a "Comic book chess"?

No need for sarcasm.

Wild: You might want to ask Lilwhitemouse about that. She uses a lot of 3d stuff in her wads.

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Anyone know of some free-use centered sprites that still have that doomy feel? They don't necessarily need muzzleflashes as I can do that myself. I saw some shotgun variants (single barreled comabt shotgun and a neat triangular shaped SG+SSG sprite mixture), but I'm interested in some heavy weapons or some sort of minigun/large chaingun.

Imo, there are too many angled weapons, and they just don't feel right in Doom...

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gargoylol said:

but that's on fire.

I don't suppose you could remove the fire...

What I would like is a dead marine slumped against a wall.

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I don't suppose any of you have read The Dark Tower series by Stephen King. I would like to see, and use a sprite of The Crimson King if someone with a bit more artistic ability then I could create one. (Also don't forget the fact that he throws those Sneetches everywhere)

I'd probably replace the Revenent (since the ability of the homing missiles.

Heck, If I have enough time, and get enough sprites together, along with a few other people we could possibly make A Dark Tower megawad.

Just a thought.

Btw, heres a pic of what he looks like:


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