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Outdoor scenery - Suggestions?

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I am stuck on how to improve the walls on this one. Where the rock meets the brick it seems obvious that I could lower the rock wall and maybe add a turret or something to the brick. But if I lower the rock wall then depending on the POV of the player, the brick wall will just look like a thin line.

I just don't know what to do with the walls here, or how to do it.

Edit: Umm, wait till I figure out how to add the image to this post.

Bugger it, here's the link:

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Make a sector behind the rock wall and raise it as high as you want your rock wall to be. The sector must also be adjacent to your brick turret so that it doesn't look like a thin wall. Just open some other map/wad to see how its done, this is used very often in many maps.

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I've tried that (or something similar), but I can't get it to look the way I want. What I tried is to make the floor height of the rock wall the height I want the wall to be, but unless I make the ceiling height the same as the floor I get the outer linedef showing up a texture. And even if the ceiling is low enough for the other wall to be invisible to the player, the sky eclipses the edge of brick wall.

Basically I want the rock wall to be lower without an outer texture being visible, but the brick wall to have some width to it when viewed side on.

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Do what you did. Then make yet another sector at the back where the unwanted texture is appearing above the rock wall and lower its ceiling to the bottom and remove the upper texture. (because you use F_SKY1 on both sectors, the missing upper texture will not cause a hall of mirrors, but will instead be transparent)

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