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fun thing to do with freedoom

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I discovered something fun you can do with FreeDOOM. Most ports nowadays have TCP/IP networking built in, but this also lets you set up a loopback network game with two or more clients running on the same computer. You can set up a 2 player network game and run two clients next to each other (windowed mode), except one player is run with the freedoom wad, and one without. Turn on spy mode on one of the players and you will get the same view in both windows, except one window will display the normal doom view, and the other will be using all the replacement freedoom textures/sprites/etc.

How to do it

I used PrBoom myself because I like PrBoom, although you should be able to do it with pretty much any other port (eg zdoom).

PrBoom needs you to first run a "game server" that the other clients connect to, there is a precompiled server .exe included in the binary distributions. Run:

prboom-server -l 7

I have chosen to use level 7 here as it is an interesting level to use - you can see the replacement mancubuses and there are lots of weapons.
Once you have the server running you need to start two clients, one with the freedoom wad:

prboom -net localhost
prboom -net localhost -file freedoom.wad

Now, pick one window at random and hit f12 (this turns on spy mode). Switch to the other window and voila! You can now wander around the level and you will see the same view in both windows, only one will be freedoom-ified.

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Heh. I tried that once with zdoom, but I couldn't get it to work. Bah. I'll probably try again.

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Here's how it works for ZDoom:

zdoom -file freedoom.wad -host 2 -nosound +map map01 -noidle +set fullscreen 0

zdoom -file -join localhost -nosound -noidle +set fullscreen 0

Hit F12 to switch to follow mode on one of the instances of ZDoom.

-nosound is probably not necessarily needed for both host and client, but it might cause problems.
-noidle is important, else ZDoom will not keep running when not "active".
It ran quite choppy at times and was not really playable, but still good to look around.

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