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discuss: seperate mouse pointer from view point in 3d mode

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simply put, have a mouse button (bindable to keyboard obviously) that you hold down to move the view, would be like normal operation, but if you release the button the crosshair moves within the view window. (though you could make the sides of the screen respond by rotating in that direction).

aside from the possible issue of invert-mouselook vs standard pointer up/down. what do you all think? i think it might be a goer because when, for example, aligning and pasting textures it becomes a little cumbersome to keep having to move the POV around to point at the thing you want to point at when, with a "free" crosshair, you could just point at it.

maybe have the option to toggle, or reverse the action, so for example, hold right mouse button to move crosshair. i use keyboard c and v for copy and paste (as i'm used to it that way, back when 3d mode first took off i was having mouse button configuration trouble and so mapped it to keyboard keys) so my RMB is handilly free :-)

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I simply don't think it would work any faster and I don't have any problems aiming at walls with the camera (as it is right now). If you have problems aiming with the camera, you most likely also have problems aiming with a mouse cursor as it is essentially the same thing.

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I guess we don't need this separation, but adding buttons "move up/move down" might speed up things a little.
As it is at the moment, if you have sectors, where ceiling of one group has similar height, as floor of another group, you have to "rotate up/down" often.

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