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Map 12 of Mockery2

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While playing mockery2 (Yes I still play it, and I love it =D), I stumbled across map 12. To me, it looked like an average 1994 map, and didn't seem too outrageously bad. It seemed kind of out of place in the crazyness that is Mockery2.

So why is map 12: Unholy eveilness, in Mockery2?

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Back when I first played mock2, I was a noob still, so I thought that Slige was the name of a person who made the map. Later on I found out it was an auto-level creating tool.

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TheDarkArchon said:

Mock 2 != Mockery 2

Unholy Eveilness is a SLIGE map :P

If that's a SLIGE map, then why are the admins so upset about submiting SLIGE generate maps to the Newstuff chronicles? You'd have to be an idiot to think it's any good!

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