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Faking water grates

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Hi, I was wondering, how do you fake it so it looks like you're looking through a grate and into the water?

(Note: This is for a Skulltag map I'm working on)

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Either with an animated flat that animates the liquid only (though it looks like the liquid level is almost at the grate's level), using small or tiny lower sectors for the liquid, or using a tight "fake bridge" effect to create a grate over a liquid flat (these last two methods might tend towards überdetailing unless the grate has bigger holes.) You could add a third option using engines that allow "true 3D".

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bummer, you need new graphics. Like 2 centimeters tall, not 16 points tall as our beloved STEPTOP.

EDIT: for solution A, simply copy-paste MIDSPACE into FWATER1, FWATER2 and FWATER3. Now you have a good old school grid iron ;)

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