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PS Doom - Is this supposed to happen?

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After I finished Ultimate Doom on the PS Doom version it gave me my tally score and password, then some words scrolled onto the screen. After that, it took me back to the start screen and it already had Doom II selected so I assumed it wanted me to start a Doom II game. So I started the game and I was basically starting all over, back to just my handgun and normal health/armor. I was kinda like "ah crap" at the fact that I lost everything but I assumed this must be the way it is and I've played through Doom II before so I knew I could start all over again. Anyways, after I finished the first level I decided to quit my game but just out of curiosity I went back and put in the last password it gave me after I finished Ultimate Doom. It took me straight to level 1 on Doom II but I had all my weapons, ammo, health, and armor from the completion of Ultimate Doom this time. What's up with that? Why didn't it let me keep all that stuff before? Anyone notice this before? Anyone know why it did that?

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Every time I've beaten Ultimate Doom on the PS it continues on with Entryway (with the password on the score screen) I don't remember at the moment if theres an intermission text that i encountered though.
I've never had it to where it took me back to the start menu though. strange.

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