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Lost TNT Evilution levels?

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I was reading the Final Doom wiki-entry and this caught my eye.

Work on TNT: Evilution was started by TeamTNT, a group of WAD-making hobbyists who were active on the advanced Doom editing mailing list. The project was noted and snapped up by id Software, and finished in November of 1995.

Brothers Dario and Milo Casali, who had contributed four levels to TNT: Evilution, were assigned the task of creating what became Plutonia after having sent an 8-level WAD they had created to American McGee and managing to impress him along with the rest of the id Software crew. They created 16 levels each for Plutonia in four months time, and submitted them in January 1996. Unlike their contributions to TNT: Evilution, which were edited after submission (four were also rejected due to being too large to run on the computers of the day), these were the final revisions of the levels, and Dario Casali later commented about the fact that no changes were requested, "thank God because I was ready to throw my computer out the window at the time". Final Doom is TeamTNT's only commercial product.

Were these four rejected levels ever made available for download?

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I'm not sure about it, but i think, it was like this:
Some of their levels for Evilution have been rejected by Team TNT, but they re-used them for Plutonia, and Plutonia was not rejected by id software.


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probably true.
several of their maps were released seperately as well.
Map09 of Plutonia for example...

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