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Playtest this level, real quick like.

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Post your email address here, or send an email to admiralarrrsome at gmail dot com, and then post your opinion here.

The level is about 80%/14 minutes done so far, the outdoor tech donuts area isn't done, I'd like to make the cave system a lot bigger, I'd like to add another cave system somewhere, and the mountain climbing part at the "end" has no enemies and only the bottom half is detailed, and you have to fly to it. Feel free to fly to it though. God I am in love with that mountain climbing part.

Oh yeah there's some other levels in the zip too, I think 02, 03, a touch of 04, they're pretty old though, 02 needs an overhaul. All the levels are going to be connected, like castlevania curse of darkness. Still gotta make another temple, some aquaducts, perhaps a city, and can't wait to make a ghostly canyon. That's gonna be a lot of fun. Go ahead and pistol start on those if you have the time, main focus is map01 though.

1.29 megabytes. I'd like 3-5 people.

EDIT: Oh yeah, requires zdoom. Forgot about that. And if you can think of a level name, that's cool too.

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Good stuff. The map has an interesting design, and the gameplay shows promise, although it is a tad bit too easy.

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