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bfg maximum damage

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I imagine this doesn't belong in the q&a section, being a source port-specific question...

hypothetically, the maximal damage is 800 + (40 × 87) = 4280 points (if the plasma ball hits an object for full damage and all 40 rays also hit the object for full damage). However, that much damage can never actually be inflicted due to the periodicity of the simplistic pseudorandom number generator used by the Doom engine.

Does any source port change this? IMO, the bfg, as it is, is still a little weak...


In older versions of Doom, the BFG was a "billion fireball gun", which released 40 small green and red fireballs with each shot. It was called the BFG 2704. This version was scrapped because, according to John Romero, it "looked like Christmas" and severely slowed the game down.

I *think* I remember boom emulating this, but are there any win ports that emulate it?

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It was MBF, not BOOM. Both of my own ports, WinMBF and the Eternity Engine, support the BFG2704.

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I've never understood why the BFG doesn't have any effect if you turn away before it hits anything. I think that's unfair and retarded.

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Bloodshedder said:

This contains at least one error, it says each trace is iterated 16 times, when in fact it is only 15 times (however later on it reproduces the actual code which appears to be correct)

Anyway since there are 40 traces, each with a maximum damage of 15*8 = 120, you get a total maximum of 800 + 40*120 = 5600 hitpoints.

I don't know from where invictius has found 87 for each ray

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That doesn't take into account the pseudo-RNG though.

schepe wrote:
i made a testprogram, and it turns out that the theoretical maxdamage from the bfgtracers (ie. not including the projectile) is 2728, which happens once in 256 shots. the theoretical mindamage is 2639 (also once in 256 shots)... the most probable damage is 2687, which happens 14 times out of 256. the medium damage dealt if all 40 tracers hit are close to 2686 (2685.9375).

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But let's not forget that many engines don't use the 256 entry random value table anymore. Any real Boom compatible engine uses a real pseudo-RNG (unless in full demo compatibility mode) and with that the distribution of values can be more random so the max damage can be higher and the min damage lower.

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