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CPU ripp offs

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I have been buying alot of 486 mother board combos for about $5 each, comes with IO card and VESA video card too. good deal but my question is about the CPU's that came with the pack. When i first looked at them i saw they were cyrix 486 and thought they would suck, but i was wrong dead wrong. They are 66mhz, but they overclock well to 100mhz with little heat problems. However they seem to act and run like a pentium at the same speed. I have run games on those 486's that i could not run on a normal intel 486. So i am asking could this be one of the famous "cloned" intels CPU's. I know that in the mid 1990's alot of this went down. Cyrix and AMD would copy pentium/pentium pro chip specs and make/mix for their own chips. I think cyrix was famous for that. maybe they compied a pentium chip and sold it as a 486 CPU to say they had better products than intel. If anyone else has had experince with this what other companies and products have and still do this

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Don't remember the Cyrix "numbers", but it sounds like yours are "486" plugins of their Pentium clones. Several companies sold these as upgrades (Evergreen Technologies for one). They work like a Pentium -except- they suck at floating point. So games that use FP will tend to run slower.

Memory also makes a big difference. I'm assuming these boards are using the newer 72pin memory style (vs the old 30).

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