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Alone [furry stuff]

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Okay, I haven't really seen this concept attempted before, and by that I mean playing as someone like Damian Barrett (talked about below) and I think it's pretty badass and would be awesome to make. Before anything is said, I'm not asking for help. I do not have screenshots prepared just yet. There is not enough of a map built to be released yet. I'm just putting out an idea I think would be really friggin' cool.


The story so far...
You are Damian Barrett; you're a marine... One of the newest recruits on the force. You have to be, anyway; it wasn't long ago that they started letting the wolven such as yourself into the armed forces, but that doesn't stop the fact that you're generally disliked by the others in your squad. This ended up adding the odds against you when your squad and yourself were sent up to the Phobos moon of Mars to do some close recon on the happenings in their laboratories. The problems started when everything in your landing craft's systems went haywire as soon as it hit the Phobos atmosphere; things went offline, life support failed, which ended up in two of the men in your group losing their lives to loss of oxygen. But for those of you who were resilient may had been able to get onto the Phobos landscape itself, after the craft crashlanded just outside the hangar bay. You were knocked out when it all happened, and the remaining members of your recon squad went in with all the big guns, leaving you with your sidearm, a standard-issue 10mm Beretta 96F. Thing is, you were lucky you weren't in the proper condition to move out with your squad... You would have died at the hands of that unknown force if you had. And it was very lucky that Phobos had been terraformed, or you may have suffocated. Hours after the crash, you wake up in a daze, your vision blurred from the jarring impact as you stumble from the wreckage...

What the fuck?

Yeah, one of the big twists with this mod is that Damian Barrett is indeed an anthropomorphic canine.

How it's gonna be done...

As things moved away from a Medal of Honor-type setting into the generalized remake of Episode 1 that it has become now, I decided that the mod will be released one map at a time, coming in 8 maps total, with Computer Station of E1 being left out, because I'm quite the lazy bastard. Some rough drafts of weapon sprites have been done, and the very beginning of the first map in the series is getting done as I write this post; it won't be too long before I really have something to show in terms of progress with the mod. And take note, that this isn't XDooM 2, for those of you who are wondering on that subject. The music will probably come from Painkiller (the ambient music, that is), and I'm going to be going for an overall scary atmosphere, similarly to PSX DooM, but with more detail and ZDooM-specific effects and shit of that like.


Chapter I : Impact : Bridge_Music
Chapter II : Plant : Factory_Music_02
Chapter III : Isolation : Factory_Music_01
Chapter IV : Combine : Atrium_Complex_01
Chapter V : Toxic : Military_Base_Music_01
Chapter VI : Nightfall : Asylum_Music
Chapter VII : Unleash : Babel_Music
Chapter VIII : Militia : Military_Base_Music_02

Well, that's the listing if you have the Painkiller OST, anyway.

Screenshots, downloads, sprite drafts, more to the story, links to the music, etc., to come as I make or incorporate them into the mod.

IN SHORT: A total overhaul of E1 with the exception of the Computer Station map, with a 6' 2" gray wolf in place of a 5' 7" human marine. Oh, and there's going to be some text-adventure elements incorporated into each of the maps; descriptive readouts of each individual object and the like. Also, some minor stuff from the early DOOM alphas will be picked up and used.

UPDATE 1: Some early shit version of a shotgun sprite. Did it in Paint in like 20 minutes.

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Well, in honesty, I just made up some random shit just to say it's different from the 9mm handguns we have today. But nonetheless, any quasi-futuristic handgun out now that you'd suggest that maybe could pass as the DOOMguy's pistol? I heard it was suggested somewhere that it was a really fat Beretta...

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A Springfield X D in .357 SIG looks (and sounds) nice and futuristic.

EDIT: Remove the space between the X and the D. I had to put it there because the forum software edits this out as an emoticon.

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Darkhaven said:

Heh, yeah, the fact that Damian's a furry is pretty much the only thing really really original about the whole WAD.

What WOULD be original is a mod where you are an actual dog. Not an amphromorphic one, but your usual garden variety four-legged mutt, and you have to crap in people's yards and bite small children while not getting caught by the underpaid shmucks tasked with catching strays.

Well, *I* think it'd be pretty fun.

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I think it should work better if the player is a normal marine, or if the player is that odd creature but the plot is replaced with something more apropriate, at least give the player special tricks for not beign a human.

Trasher][ that'd be cool, and actually relatively easy to implement, use the dogs of Wolfenstein as skin, and a modified "pig mode sprites" from Hexen, the maps streets and gardens and no access to get inside the houses, maps that are the house and the garden (many in the archives), and what not. I'd play that.

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gargoylol said:

or just rip out rott's dog related crap.

Rott's dogmode player sprites are crap.

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Trasher][ : Yeah, that would make a pretty damn funny jokewad. I might take that up after this project is completed.

Vegeta : Nope. Staying a wolf. It's better explained in the storyline textfile I have written, anyway. Besides, there's been zero real WADs in which the main character is a furry as far as I know, and anthro's of the like are generally sentient creatures (with the exception of feral furs, which is another story for another time). They seem the prime source for an original character.

gargoylol : The short version of my comment on this is that the RoTT-dog and a wolf that stands on two legs are two different things, methinks.

EDIT: And before I forget, that's an update to the project there; a complete storyline is written and all of the maps are in the planning stages; and a weapons list is being worked out at the moment.

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I assume you'll still be fighting human zombies so...the furry thing is kinda pointless? I just don't understand what it has to do with anything.

Darkhaven said:

It's better explained in the storyline textfile I have written, anyway. Besides, there's been zero real WADs in which the main character is a furry as far as I know...

Maybe, but from your initial post it's like 'OH YEAH, YOURE FURRY! HAH ISN'T THAT WEIRD?' Also, I'm pretty sure Little White Mouse had a few furry wads under her belt.

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As long as there's no furry sex or weird shit like that, I guess having a wolf as the main character isn't so bad.

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I think I can see very clearly from where and from who the inspiration/idea for such a mod came from....

But I'd rather not say it here.
All I can tell ya folks is that both me and Darkhaven are members of other forums that not many of you DOOMers out here are attending.

Anyways, Darkhaven: good luck with this, I wish I had enough spare time to do some mapping again, but real-life doesn't allow it to happen. ARRRGGGHHH!!!
But anyways man, I hope that James O'Canis will be proud, even if he isn't a DOOMer who comes here. You could still show it to him when it's done...eventually...somehow.

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Use3D: No, actually, there will be the occaisonal vulpine-zombie or even lapine zombie throughout the series, and there is a storyline-specific reason for this that I don't want to reveal; it would spoil a part of the series. But what I meant by this is the first "furry WAD," I meant that I knew of the existance of Furry Tale or whatever, and it appeared far too cartooney/anime-ish and fantasy-based; Alone will be the first atmospheric furry-related WAD, more centered around the PSX-style of dark and moody.

Bashe: Actually, there's a vague hint to that at the very end of the last map in the series:

With a final caterwaul of blinding
anguish, you are sundered from the world
of the living in a chintzy coruscation
of white light. Your surroundings melt
and blear around you into the atrementous
emptiness of hyperspace...

Atom by atom, you bead back into existance
under the facade of a thick-knit forest.
It seems you've accomplished your
battles on Phobos... You've made it back
to Earth; the aphotic sky high above you
is perfectly clear, every star in the
universe seemingly within your grasp, thus
acknowledging your suspicions.

With the fruition of your toils, you descend
into the winding trail before you, a thin
fog dancing and twirling in your wake
as the foliage thickens down the path...
You tell yourself your home cannot be
far, that soon you'll be reunited with
the vixen you left here seemingly so
long ago...

To Be Continued?

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DNWAII didn't place the player in the perspective of a furry, and there were no furries in the entire WAD. Imps don't count as furries, they count as scalies, biotch.

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and why would you want to play as a self rightous, egregious little shithead of a furry when you could play as dn, your lord and master?

I am confused.

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The story, with its coincidences and outcome, is very interesting. Good work.

I vote for all-maps-in-1-WAD though.

Why and how did the marine become a wolf, again?

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Because you're lazy and unfit. And besides, as a canine, superior agility and sense of smell are a factor here, especially for the writing that pops up when you discover a new area or do some shit wrong, etc... In short, a furry is clearly superior to the drunk moron that is Darknation.

Oh, and gargoylol, yarly thats liek ttly in mye skinz0rz0r looloolooooeololo

DarkJedi188 : Oh shit, you've found me out. :P And I did indeed present the idea to him; he was one of the candidates to become the main character in the series. So you can kind of say Damian Barrett is the FreeDOOM equivalent of James. :)

Gemini : I'll probably pin up the whole, complete backstory to the series soon enough. And one reason I was deciding more to release each map as a separate WAD is because as you all know, I do have something of a short attention span; I am not likely to finish an entire episode of maps in itself as I am to finish single maps at once. In fact, it was quite a miracle that XDoom was completed. :P

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Darkhaven said:

Because you're lazy and unfit. And besides, as a canine, superior agility and sense of smell are a factor here, especially for the writing that pops up when you discover a new area or do some shit wrong, etc... In short, a furry is clearly superior to the drunk moron that is Darknation.

Furries can smell writing? I never knew that. I actually assumed that their sense of smell would be hindered from inadaquate laundering of their fur suits. Still, I live and learn.

Some people will never learn, alas. But still, I will try to educate you.

Furries ARE NOT real. You ARE NOT a fox trapped inside a human body. Your obsession with this anthromorphic animal aliases actually stems from a deep rooted psychological hatred of your own fleshy corpulence. Which is sad really, because bodies come in all shapes and sizes and there is nothing wrong with that.

If anything, you should be developing a complex about your brain, because after looking at the evidence I think I can conclude that you are mentally retarded.

Wanking over a fox with tits is wrong. Putting your penis inside Buster the Rabbit is wrong. Fantasising about what your P.E. teacher would look like if she was (a) a bipedal horse and (b) naked, that is retarded.

Speaking of retarded, can we talk about your doom mod? Oh good.

You write like a dyslexic chimp with no arms and has had a pen surgically grafted into his anus, who would then achive litterature by the act of grinding his ass against a poor unfortunate piece of paper. Your sentence structure is tripe, your plot is only slightly worse than your 'twist' and your posts are painful to read. I like the way you manage to make a perfectly good sprite look utterly shitastic using nothing more than the power of MSpaint.

Good luck with your doom mod. I look forward to watching you dance for me.

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Meh, you're just delving into shit that really doesn't need to be discussed at all, DN. Just accept the fact that I'm making this mod whether you say I write like whatever the fuck you were trying to call me or not, and you're going to have to live with the fact that these WADs are going to be out there eventually. Besides, I did specifically point out that it was only one sprite and it was not complete; I will admit that at the moment it doesn't look as great as a pair of wolf paws over a DOOM shotgun could, and I do need to get access to some better tools. But hey, it could have been worse.

As for wanking to foxes with tits, yeah, that actually isn't quite so bad as you make it sound. Everyone has their little kinks here and there as I'm sure you do too, and furries just happen to be one of mine. But still, it really doesn't need to be discussed here, right? And the PE teacher thing... That's pretty fucked up. Horses just aren't my thing.

But what's this about my writing? Why do you say it's so terrible? Once again, I think it's appropriate to say, it could be worse. I could have went with the stuff I wrote before refining it into the text I've put in this thread. If you'd like to write something you believe is better, be my guest; and if you have any pointers that maybe you think would improve my writing abilities, I would welcome your opinion. Although, my belief is that the only reason you're saying all these things is just to be contrary to someone you are prejudiced against, or you just generally hate.

Oh, and lest I forget, your stereotype that all furries are foxes is somewhat misplaced; I don't need to say it that I don't believe myself to be a fox and I'm pretty sure that nobody will care when I say what I believe I am. As it has been said in the past, perception is reality. And IMO, intolerance like what you've presented is the pinnacle of close-minded retardation.

So back on track; is there anyone out there that may want to contribute an idea about how the player should traverse between maps? As has been shown here already, there will be a "prelude" to the actual map, showing how the player arrived at his location and the like.

And gargoylol, heh @ that thread.

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Darkhaven said:

If you'd like to write something you believe is better, be my guest;

But of course. I shall rewrite your plot for you and show you how it should be done.

Lets see... The protagonist needs a better name. Damian Barrett is too forgettable. I suggest we use J Alfred Prufrock as a guide and mash lots of words together into a subliminal masterpiece.

What characteristics do we wish to embue our furry hero with? Is he smart, witty, amusing? Is he pretty? Are his mental capibilities on par with einstien?

Let's go for Retastic X Homomong, which combines a few of my favourate words and a very exciting letter! What does the X stand for? Mystery and adventure! Perhaps it alludes to the hero's dark and dangerous secret that shall be revealed in the final chapter!

So, we have the name of the man / fox / whatever he is, and we see that already we have a vast improvement on your work. Next up we need to think of a better plot. I suggest we totally scrap what you have written and go for something a little more risque and edgy.

The marine thing has been done to death, and no one really cares about a marine. But everyone loves prostitutes! Indeed, by making Homomong a professional sweeper of the chocolate chimney we can up the ante with a single stroke, making your audience identify with the character instantly.

Now, no character is complete without a fatal flaw that will nearly prove to be his undoing, yet through the course of the plot he will come to understand himself and his nature and ultimately rise above it all and become a better manfox. And Aids is a hot topic at the moment, so why don't we give him aids? It suits his profession, and you can use dehacked to make any character who comes into contact with his blood instantly explode.

So far so good.

I'd change the title at this point. ALONE is too emo. What you want is something that gets to the point, is catchy enough to stick in the memory yet unique enough to stand out in a crowd.

Let's call your wad STEAMING RECTAL DISCHARGE. And if that wasn't great and awesome enough, we can give it a sub-title in italics, something like 'A Retastic X Homomong Adventure'.

Right, so far, so fantastic. We are really making progress here, turning the sloppy shit of your outline and forging it into a constipated masterpiece of asspain. I'll do some thinking for you about the plot, since you apparently have difficulty thinking for yourself and I'll post the result!

I think we make a hell of a team, retas... I mean, Darkhaven.

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mallis said:

Furries ARE NOT real. You ARE NOT a fox trapped inside a human body.

Quoted for truth, heh.

mallis said:

Wanking over a fox with tits is wrong. Putting your penis inside Buster the Rabbit is wrong.

No. Not a fox with tits. A chick with fur and a tail. Get your furry facts straight.
I agree with the second part though.

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