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Colour composition

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I never thought too much about the colours I use to make a level and if they match. Only recently, since a discussion in another thread, have I been thinking about the colours. I try my best to guess what looks good together, but I'm not a proffesional colour matcher, so my guessing is just that.

I want to ask if I'm doing all right, or what I'm doing wrong. I've already went through a lot of texture choice changes (partially due to replacing stolen ones with my own work). I'm welcome to any advice. It's mostly an old screenshot, so nothing new to those who are hoping it's something new.

Anyway, here is the screenshot. Also, aside from colour comments, I'm open to structural comments. Something about the setup bothers me, I think it's the way I blocked the way up the waterfall (the side posts).


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"I want to ask if I'm doing all right, or what I'm doing wrong."

You can't do wrong if you're satisfied with the result.

My monitor is pretty dark, it's been around for a few years... but I think the screenie looks pretty alright. The only colour I see is blue. Anything can go with white or black... pretty much... in my opinion.

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Doom levels never seem to have enough blue, but your screenshot satisfies me. I like it. Don't change a thing.

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After I posted this, I was running around in the level (as usual) and couldn't see anything wrong with it. You're right, as long as it looks good to me, it's good. I must have been paranoid when I posted.

Scuba Steve said:

What about some green/brown vines coming from near moist areas?

Hmm, now that you mention it, vines would work well. I don't know why I didn't think of that.

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