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Howto Download ZDOOM Wiki?

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I'm trying to download the ZDOOM Wiki page with WinHTTrack but it fails as soon as it starts. Anyone know of a way?

I've got no net at home so I need to do this badly.

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I can't remember who posted this originally (Nash?) but I copied it from either the Zdoom or the GZdoom forum.

Step 1) Go to http://www.httrack.com/ and download it.
You'd want to download the no-installer version to speed up the process.

Step 2) Run WinHTTrack.exe, File -> New Project, press Next.
Enter "ZDoom Wiki" as the project name, then look at "Base path".
Click the button that says "..." and choose a folder to save the
ZDoom wiki to. Click Next.

Step 3) Enter this into the web address box:

Step 4) Click "Set Options". Go to the "Scan Rules" tab and you
should see a box with a bunch of stuff. Clear that box and put this:


... and press OK. Then hit Next.

Step 5) Hit Next again; don't touch the other options.
Sit back and wait! The Wiki will be downloaded to your hard disk
and you can bring it home for offline viewing.

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I'd ask the wiki admins for permission to do that, especially if it doesn't wait at least a few seconds between downloading each page.

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