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Meanworlds Game Project

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I'm quite new to those lights thingies... but looks much better anyway, and most of my textures are fixed etc. Hope youll like 'em! :D

Pss the last with the gun is a fake, since I dunno yet to get it ingame (scaling it outside the wad)
And I don't know how to run a hi res sky correctly either..

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These images, along with your textures from earlier on, remind me a lot of Silent Hill. I sure hope you consider taking some influence from that franchise. It'd mesh well with what you've got.

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Ismaele said:

It is very promising...! :) Please keep worknig on it!

I am, I promise :D

ALL INGAME! I've figured it out now :D
And I must thank someone by name DoonSoon MonSoon as well as "Fang" for answering questions. Fang helped me with KEYCONF.

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Here's a screenie for it, However its not ingame or something like that. I'm working on something to show soon. And I tell you, be prepared for it to be another big step in this project cause it is! All textures are now outside the wad and all are useable, (not meaning finished though) and I know some 3d floors now, except FOF more than 1 on another (not twice or three times etc..) If Anyone could show me a wad where they have many floors over each other then I would be very grateful :) (Downloadable wad.)


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I've got to say, I'm really impressed! It doesn't even look like Doom.

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