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Koko Ricky

Doom Box-art I made for class

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I'm in a digital imaging class, and we had to do box-art for a fictional game. This is my rendering of a fictional Doom game for X-box, made with various Doom graphics from the internet on Photoshop 7 and CS2. The backside is on the left because you're supposed to print it out and wrap it around a DVD case.

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Custom Soundtracks?! I'd buy that, no questions asked.

That's the first time I've seen that particular picture of the Cyberdemon, and I love it.

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Misspelled Surrendered :D

I had to do something similar to that in a couple of my classes, excellent work.

The only things I would change, would be to get rid of the lost soul on the back, and the hyphenation of the back text, rather than having the words wrapped around to the next line. And the cyberdemon on the front would be behind the Unspeakable Suffering text.

Otherwise it looks very professional and very "Cool", although I feel as if cool isnt the right word for it

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