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I need sprites of a guy on a horse that I Could use as Napoleon. (It could just be any guy on a horse that I could add a hat to.)

I also need a few sprites of Julius Caesar if its a possibilty.

If any one knows where I can find them, it would be most appreciated.

If you want to email them to me, just try either...


Thank you

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I'm making a giant dark tower in a field of roses with Hitler, Napoleon, Caesar, The Crimson King (From Stephen Kings Series the Dark Tower) and a angelic-type enemy inside of it.

Along with the usual Imps and such here and there.

Sound fun?


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Probably not what you want, but if you have Hexen II, you can warp to one of the maps with the Horsmen, type "r_drawflat 0" (turn the textures and flats single colours) and with "notarget" or certain impulse (I don't remember if it's 46, 36, something like that, wich freeze monsters), and take the screenshots you want, then with not much editing you can modify the rider.

For the romeric, may be modified sprite of the Cleric from Hexen (has coats with somewhat similar shape).

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Do you have "Daggerfall"? There are guys on horses in that. However, they are a bit too medieval to be Napoleon without some modification.

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I don't have Daggerfall either, but I'll look around for it or something from it that could posibly help.

I'm using a color-modified version of the Bishop which I found in the Wad Void for the Crimson King. However, I now want to modify the attack using either DeHacked, or Decorate. Does any one know the its number/name?

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The bishop? I were refering to this guy.
Wich I find somewhat similar in shape with this

I could send you the sprites of this character (in Hexen pallete) if you want, still there are many wads that include him already in the DOOM pallete, one of them is Ebdoom.

For the horsman I'm not sure if would help what I suggested as the Horsman of Apocalypse from Hexen II are undead creatures (War doesn't look like a zombie but his very muscular and medieval to be Napoleon), and as I never understood how to use a model viewer I should have to take screenshots wich should be a pain in the ass to both capture all the frames, specialy taking in mind the proper attention to the angles.

May be the good old Wolfenstein has something that can be tweeked to look like Napoleon (except it should be without the horse).

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It looks exelent. It has a viking-look to it, but thats okay, I'm not that picky, and I'm sure the player will pick up on what its supposed to be.

i just searched Cleric on Google, and found a wad file with him in it. Thx.

I don't want any one to go through any trouble on my account. I'm sure theres something out there I can find thats reminisent without having to take screen shots and aligning them, etc.

Thanks again.

PS Does any one have the decorate information for the Cleric?

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