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Please Help - How do I save my file?

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I've looked at the XWE front page and found nothing. There's no save option ANYWHERE. And apparantly there's no autosave either because when I replace the graphics I want and close the program it doesn't save either.

All I wanna do is save my file... :(

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You'll have to wait for that, currently XWE is only for looking at wads, and pretending to edit them.

Oh, wait! Maybe the menus are gone (this being what was mentioned on another thread)? If so, hit F11.

Save is automatic for most things once you close the wad. Some functions are saved separately; like when you need to save as a doom flat (flats), apply alignment (sprites), or save certain type of resource (there's a save option under any menu that might need it).

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I think what is meant here is a "flush to disk" command that works without having to leave the lump editor currently in use. For example, the script editor takes a long time to load on a big DECORATE or DEHACKED lump so it is annoying to have to leave the lump being edited solely to trigger a "do you want to update" request from the program to which you can then answer "yes". Worse still, the "cleanup" function in the file menu does not flush the currently edited lump to disk if it has been modified, nor does it ask you "do you want to update". You think your file is safely saved to disk, then when you leave the lump editor, it asks you "do you want to update" and then you have to update the lump, then "cleanup" the file all over again in order to force your changes to be flushed to disk!

I think this is an "understanding human nature" problem here - we humans have got used to and been brought up to "save often" in case the computer crashes or we make a mistake and want to revert to a previous version of something; most programs have a button that says, basically: "Computer: save the file now, because I the human, your god, tell you to, whether you think I need to or not" and it is disconcerting when a program doesn't have one. Saving a file should be at the user's beck-and-call, not just when the program "thinks" it is necessary.

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Any file operation (importing/replacing lumps, deleting lumps, moving lumps around, cleaning up the file) modify your file automatically, there's no need to save. It's better NOT to ask if you want to save your changes every time, since every one of these operations creates an undo. You delete something you didn't want? Click Undo. Simple.

When you edit individual entries, XWE behaves like any other content editor (like Word, etc). However, it has many individual editors (text/script editor, map editor, image editor, etc). When you open one of these lumps, you'll see a new menu appearing. This menu DOES have a SAVE. You DON'T have to wait for XWE to trigger the "Do you want to save?" question, just click Save from the menu.

As for the Cleanup command not asking for Saving the current entry, that's a bug, good catch. It's a simple fix, I'll try to add it this weekend and upload a new beta.

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