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Naked Snake

First Person Shooter Lounge Vol.12

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Duke:Man.There is nothing to do!

DOOM:Man alls we do is hang out here.I have an idea!Why dont we switch games!


*Duke goes into DOOM and DOOM goes into Duke Nukem 3d.Today we will explore DOOM's adventure*

DOOM:What level and episode is this?
*DOOM looks around and sees a sushi bar*

DOOM:Ahh!Im in e2m1.I hate this fucking level.
*A chaingun man jumps out and looks at DOOM*

Chaingun Captain:What the fuck?Who are you?

DOOM:Im your worst nightmare!
*DOOM opens fire with a pistol.The captain dies and bleeds all over*

DOOM:Over here is a secret!
*DOOM opens a panel revealing a Devastator*

DOOM:I wish someone would make a Duke Nukems weapons patch for DOOM.(that is also a challenge)
*DOOM jumps down from the building.An octa-brain is just chilling and talking to one of those whores*

Octa-Brain:So anyway I got $20 and I can only fuck for 2 minutes cuz I have to get back to my post.
*DOOM blasts away killing the whore and the octa-brain*

DOOM:This is cool.
*DOOM hears a sound behind him.Not wanting to waste Devastator ammo he shoots with his pistol.A yell in pain rings out.Its Caleb*

Caleb:Oh...fuck.This hurts.Duke is in...ahhhhhhhhhhhh.
*Caleb is dead*

DOOM:What?Duke is in what?Oh shit...well this certainly does lick Imp nuts.
*DOOM teleports out to find Duke*

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