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Problem with Condemned: Criminal Origins

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Yesterday, I bought the game "Condemned: Criminal Origins" and to my surprise, it didn't run on my computer. Now, let me explain why this is such a surprise. My computer is brand new and custom, has the latest graphics card, and a shit load of memory. However, this is not the thing that surprised me. A week ago, I bought The Elder Scrolls of Oblivion, and it ran fine on my computer. When Criminal Origins messed up, I uninstalled Oblivion and tried again.
It still didn't work.

How can Criminal Origins, a game not nearly as detailed, long, etc. be unable to run on my new computer, when Oblivion can run just fine?

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How do you mean it doesn't work? The age of your computer doesn't affect anything if there's a bug with the game itself.

Also, my friend bought both Condemned and Oblivion and they both run fine.

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