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Risen3d - download hassles

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Anyone else having trouble getting the latest Risen3d version (2.0.0)?

I've tried it in both IE and Firefox, and both fail. IE informs me (after attempting to retrieve the file information from the server) that 'Internet Explorer was not able to open this internet site. The requested site is either unavailiable or cannot be found. Please try again later.' Firefox just plain hangs.

I gather from the message that abbs.jserver.com is down, but when I attempted to download from the mirror provided (at doomwadstation.com) exactly the same thing happens.

Does anyone know of another source, or what's going on?

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Hmm. If it is working, it may be the uni's fault. How big is the file, anyway? If it's not massive I may try it at home (I usually avoid downloading stuff at home - 56k).

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The ftp site is down ATM . There was a HDD crash on the server. Both the mirror and the HTTP's are ok though.

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