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3D floors... ( Need help slimpifying the process. )

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Well.. I am trying to figure out 3D floors, and I can't. I just want to know if someone could please give out simplified instructions to what and how they work?

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renagade said:


I'm not sure whether or not that's possible in Gzdoom. I spent a while searching the line specials but I couldn't find anything. If you just want a 2 story building, you could probably use the transfer heights special.

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3D Floors are indeed possible with GZDoom, but you should read the documentation thread on the it's forums, it actually explains the new stuff pretty well.

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3D floors. from the documentation thread with a few extra notes.

3D floors are defined with line special 160: sector_set3dfloor


sector_set3dfloor(tag, type, flags, alpha)


0: defines a Vavoom-style 3D-floor. I don't really recommend using this style because it is not the most flexible. See the Vavoom Wiki for further information. Unlike the other types this one inverts floor and ceiling plane of the model sector so its floor has to be higher than its ceiling. It also ignores the flags and alpha settings and instead uses Vavoom's method to define these properties.

1: defines a solid 3D floor.

2: defines a swimmable 3D 'floor'.

3: defines a non-solid 3D-floor. It is being rendered but isn't processed for any collision checks.

If you add 4 to the type the inside will also be rendered. Normally this is only done for liquids. This does not work for the Vavoom type.


1: disables any lighting effects created by this 3D-floor. Normally the 3D floor transfers the lighting properties of its model sector into the area below it.

2: restricts the lighting properties into the area between the 3D floor's top and bottom. Logically this is only useful if the 3D floor is not solid.

4: 'fog' effect. This is not real fog though, it just draws some translucent colored polygons on the outside of the 3D-floor.

8: Ignores the bottom height of the model sector and draws top and bottom of the 3D floor at the model sector's ceiling height

16: Uses a sidedef's upper texture to draw the sides of the 3D floor instead of the transfer linedef's mid texture. ie The texture placed on the upper side of each line bounding the map sector will be used as the side texture of the 3D floor for that line.

32: Uses a sidedef's lower texture to draw the sides of the 3D floor instead of the transfer linedef's mid texture.

alpha: Specifies the translucency of the 3D-floor. 0 is total transparent. 255 is totally opaque.

So, a very common type would be:

line type 160 (tag, 1, 0, 255)

For all types, other than Vavoom, the ceiling height of your control sector sets the height of the top of your floor. The flat used on the ceiling also sets the flat on the top of the 3D floor. The floor values of the control sector set the height and flat for the bottom. The light values of the control sector are normally used to set the light below the 3D floor unless this is over ridden by flags.

3D floors can move up and down my moving the control sector's floor and ceiling. However, due to the way this is done by the Doom engine it does not work for the Vavoom-type!

A convenient way to raise/lower a 3D floor is to use the FloorAndCeiling_LowerByValue (tag, speed, height) and FloorAndCeiling_RaiseByValue (tag, speed, height) specials.

It may seem complex but, once you start doing it, it's actually very easy. Easier, IMO, than deep water sectors for example.

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I'm working on some VERY BASIC guides to some of GZDOOM's cooler features. I'll be sure to cover this, but so far all I've got done are Poly Objects.

Will upload hopefully this week.

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