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Funniest internet video ever

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Lizardcommando said:

I wonder how many of them end up seriously injured or dead from getting shot out like that?

Who cares, it's dinner.

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I read that the yellow fur pretty much acts as an indestructible force field only weak to large proton blasts. When I'm rich I'm going to have a room with chicks on a continual loop doing this. Night and day, chicks will fly. Or better yet throw a bunch of chicks in a wind tunnel.

I wonder if I similar process is used in making mass quantities of chicken nuggets.

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No need. There's chicken-launcher mods that you can download that date as far back as 1995, I think (just look in the Themes directory for chookv2).

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Kristus, I don't wanna laugh, but I just can't help it! I mean you're just sitting there, talking to your friends, and then all of a sudden you are SHOT THE FUCK OUT OF A CHICKXPRESS CANNON! Tt's like a salad shooter but for chicks... Bawk Bawk!

Everytime you eat chicken nuggets now, remember that at one point it could have been shot through the air, courtesy of chickxpress.

You could call it... nuggicide.

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