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Hey guys. Im not entirely new to doom and creating levels, sprites, sounds and such, but I have some scripting questions. If I were to create a monster, say something that had the ability to launch its opponents, or the player, into the air like archvile's attack, how would I go about doing this? Also, to use ACS in doombuilder, do I need to download the actual file for it, or is it already included in the editor?

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Oh no, acs is one of zdoom's greatest features and premiere programming language. You neednt download anything for that. In order to start:

1. Start by opening a zdoom/gzdoom map in doombuilder


3.A word pad should appear.

4.Type in; #include "zcommon.acs"

5.After that, start scripting!

For technicalities and comprehensive scripting guides, check out zdoom wiki, or richard clarks guides.

As for monsters or players that can launch things into the air, that’s something entirely different. This involves modifying the actual monster attacks in another lump such as decorate or dehacked.

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Enjay gives a list of dehacked codepointers here.

As you can see, 264 is VileAttack (Target jumps in air, takes 10%-20% damage). Using dehacked, you can assign this to other events, including the player's own weapons. This was used, for instance in Hostage Rescue 3 to give the player a jump module.

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